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‘Thank You’, two small words that create such a huge feeling of gratitude and pride coming from the bottom of my heart.  To all the people who gave of their time to set-up on Friday, July 22nd and take-down on August 1st; as the old saying goes ‘many hands make light work’.

To all the people who came to prepare our beautiful St. Ann’s Church with water and elbow power. Everyone who worked so hard on the day of the Pilgrimage and the nights of the Triduum.  If the adults do not mind, I would like to especially thank the young men and women who were present for all the functions: cleaning, set-up, take-down, and the day of the Pilgrimage.

To Rita Limlaw and the women in the kitchen who provided lunch for the Bishop, priests and others; keeping us going all afternoon.  To Ken Mask, for the months of dedicated work getting and maintaining all the flowers around the Shrine and Church.  Thank you to every person who helped in any way, and you are too numerous to mention, your help was greatly appreciated. The reward was the large crowd that attended both celebrations, as a parishioner told me it was the largest in years.

May the prayers of those who attended and those who worked be answered through the intercession of Good St. Ann.

Fr. Ken

Mass with Anointing of the Sick - Homily of Father Howard Chabot
'Advance Party' Prepares Cormac Pilgrimage With Triduum of Prayer and Joyful Praise

Father Kenneth O'Brien

St Ann's new Parish Priest welcomes you to the 78th Annual Pilgrimage at the Shrine of St Ann in Cormac on Sun July 31 2016.


I am Father Kenneth O’Brien.  I was born on April 5th, 1948 at Clontarf on the Opeongo Line.  My ordination was here at St. James the Less Parish on May 11th, 1974.

In the fall of 1974 I was assigned to Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Pembroke for five years, then moved to the Cathedral for the next five years. St. Anthony’s in Chalk River was my home for 11 years and was also my first time as Pastor. I spent the next seven years at Osceola and Cobden and then moved to Combermere and Latchford Bridge for eleven years.

In the fall of 2015 with great delight I accepted my appointment as Pastor in Eganville, Cormac and Pikwàkanagàn. Having spent my first summer as a priest in Eganville, I never thought that I would be back as Pastor. It is great to be back in the area where I grew up.

I am still a chaplain at Marianhill in Pembroke on Wednesdays; a position I have held for the past twenty-eight years.

Father Chabot
Guest speaker Father Chabot


Father Howard Chabot is a priest of the diocese of Pembroke.  Ordained in 1968, he is now retired from full time parish ministry.

He has experience in social services and religious education and is respected as a priest and teacher who continues to preach retreats and assist in weekend replacement throughout the diocese.

After 40 years, he returns to Saint Anne’s to conduct the Triduum and Healing Mass for a second time.

SUNDAY JULY 31, 2016

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
St. Ann's Church

11:00am - Shrine Mass
Bishop Michael Mulhall presiding

2:00pm - Mass for the Sick and Annointing with St. Ann's Oil

The theme this year is "Mercy" in keeping with the church's year of mercy

A Special Way to honour St Ann at this years Pilgrimage

Preferential seating in the shade will be given to those with lawn chairs


125th anniversary of the first church